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One of the most spectacular models of the Nissan skyline, as the years go by, these cars are more and more sought after, as the newer generations learn about them and want to have one!

This car is now for sale for $29,000 with 40,000 miles, no accidents history.

The funny thing is tho, since the release of the Fast and Furious movie, this car has been more wanted than ever; even typing this “for sale ” post is giving me the geebies because I want it all to myself! I actually hope nobody contacts us about it so that I have more time to gather the fund (half kidding).

Anyway, the owner’s name is Matt Solomon, and he is a pretty friendly guy, I suggest you contact us directly if you are interested.

Makes: GTR34 R.Vehicle Tags: matt solomon, nissan GRT34 R, and skyline for sale.

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